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Inspired by cutting edge psychological research of professors at Harvard, Stanford, and University of Pennsylvania.

Have your personalized online Leader Master Course created to provide you with insights to increase your impact on your people and your team.

Masters Content

inspired by real courses from Ivy League Universities will allow you to maximize your personal development.


1,421 Unique learning journeys allows individuals to have a customized learning experience.

Research Backed

 questionnaires and content are aligned to world-class research to ensure you stay at the cutting edge.


from those around you will provide personalized metrics that will help guide and refine your development.

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Developed by Growing at Work

Top Harvard Research and Resources with the Targeted Precision of the U.S. Army.

“This exercise showed that everyone is capable of becoming a [transformational] leader, by empowering themselves and those around them.” ~ Priyad Ahrumugam, Redefining Success

“It hit me that I was actually limiting myself by my assumption that because I am not a person of authority”. ~ Jonathan Ding, Redefining Success

“It still amazes me that a simple exercise could have led to such a huge discovery. It started me on a journey to find my true self.” ~ Josephine Lim, Redefining Success

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