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The next generation of great companies are those that make the growth and development of their employees a priority. Increase your organization’s potential by making it a place where your people can grow. Growing at Work © is a twice weekly podcast that provides information on…

  • how to spark holistic personal and leader development in your people,
  • the best practices and mechanisms to support such development,
  • how to leverage these techniques to build a culture that supports transformation of everyone in your organization.

Our Passion

Our passion is to support our listeners in their ability to develop their followers into better people and leaders. Serving others in their leadership journey lights our fire. We are practitioners of holistic human development and have supported the development of countless leaders across the world. Leader development starts with increasing self-awareness and develops into an ability to face complex and ambiguous problems while positively impacting the people around them, and improving the organization.

Multi-Format Podcast

We are a multi-format podcasts. In this show, you will hear…

  • interviews from the best leadership development experiences from military, business, and non-profit leaders, and their vision for the future,
  • interviews with leadership development professionals, breaking down their theories and mechanisms,
  • AND topic specific episodes that streamlines explanations of key concepts and pairs it with real world examples.

The Team

Adam Malaty-Uhr, Founder

Adam Malaty-Uhr is a US Army combat veteran and graduate of Harvard University’s GSE, where he focused on the art and science of leadership development. He was a Teaching Fellow with the Harvard University Asia Center, and has engaged in leadership development work with seasoned professionals to support their ability to cultivate their ability to exercise leadership. He got his start implementing best strategies to promote self-leadership skills under Dr. Nam Kwon Hyong. As an Army Officer, he developed Army-wide leadership development programs, and has been sought after to re-tool leader development practices for smaller organizations of around 10,000. He is a graduate of US Army Ranger School and a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  He served as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Depaul and Loyola Universities and the Illinois Institute of Technology developing college students to become Army Officers and combat leaders. He has given talks on leadership development and led transformational leadership workshops in 8 countries.

Max Newlon, Co-Developer

Max Newlon has spent the past ten years investigating leadership development theory and practice. For four years he supported the production of holistic learning conferences that attracted participants from over fifty countries with the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. He spent the past three years as a researcher focused on the effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain under a world renowned neuroscientist in affiliation with Harvard University. He is now finishing his masters degree at Harvard University’s GSE and is excited to take the best leadership development lessons he is learning and bringing it directly to you through The Leadership Development Project. His mission is to help provide the cutting edge theories and mechanisms from experts all around the world to support your leadership development.