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Growing at Work

Growing at Work helps leaders build cultures that foster personal growth and leadership development.

The meaning of work is changing. Today’s generation ranks personal learning and leadership development as their first choice in benefits from their employer.

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Practices Used by the Army, and Informed by Harvard

Our practices take the leadership development that has prepared United States Army leaders for generations to win in the most austere and complex environments. We have taken the transformational leadership training developed by the Army and have paired it with the latest research on leadership and personal development from Harvard University. Our techniques are geared to support the total personal and leadership development of everyone in your organization. With these researched practices, growing at work can become an integrated part of what it means to work at your organization.

What it Means to Grow Leadership at Work

Develop the inner game, and the outer game will come naturally.

Psychological Growth

We go through our adolescence and early twenties in a state of growth. We see a bigger more nuanced world. We grow our understanding of ourselves, others, and our environment. However, research conducted at Harvard University has shown that most people’s growth slows and even stops as they enter their mid-twenties through middle-age and on to their later years of work. As people reach this plateau, they begin to be set in their ways, engage in behavior contradictory to their goals and the goals of the organization, and even if they are promoted their decision-making may reflect an early stage of development.  Your organization can be different; learn how to foster the psychological development of your people.

Help Your People See a Bigger more Nuanced World

Support Your People in:

  • finding their own authentic leadership voice.
  • seeing greater complexity to better inform their decision making.
  • becoming super mentors for their people, grow stronger talent from within.
  • overcoming their past conditioning and quirks, to be able to improve their collaboration, team work, and leadership.

Emotional Intelligence

In our complex and challenging workplace we are often swept up in conflicting emotions and motivations.  Once we are swept up in these internal conflicts, it is easy to get disoriented and to begin to move away from our goals. Cultivating your people’s ability to understand the origin of their emotions and motivations is essential to help them make the best decisions for themselves and the organization. Most importantly your culture, reward systems, and leadership behaviors has the potential to support or even harm the emotional development of your people.


High Emotional Intelligence is a Major Predictor of Success

Support Your People In:

  • improved self-awareness and ability to identify when their emotions are inhibiting their success.
  • understanding how to maximize emotional energy to get build a more positive work environment.
  • understanding how negative events in their lives have perpetuated harmful emotions, and how they can overcome them.
  • becoming leaders who foster emotional intelligence development.


Mindfulness is the ability to move past the control and distraction of an internal monologue and/or emotional state. Taking time to rest your mind from constant thought, simply to exist and recharge allows one to engage in work and life’s critical moments with a greater level of clarity. Mindfulness allows us to disassociate from our inner critic, which for many acts as an inhibitor preventing them from peak performance. Learning how to make mindfulness a part of your culture and to integrate it into your organization’s daily work can support your people’s transformation into more stable employees and leaders.

The best leaders are those that are with you, not dwelling in the future or the past.

Support Your People in:

  • being able to mindfully listen and engage with others building stronger trust, empathy, and a more powerful team.
  • reducing the stress in their lives, to maximize their performance in their job and relationships.
  • becoming more stable leaders who are more resilient and can face the toughest challenge with grace.
  • progressing their psychological and emotional development to become the best versions of themselves.

Outer Game

Developing one’s ability to lead and support others comes from holistically (psychologically, emotionally, and mindfully) developing oneself. Having said that many of those in the workforce are ready to take the best tools and use them immediately. We encourage this, and have built the media necessary to support individual’s in maximizing their effectiveness in the workplace. We pull from the best in motivational and developmental research to empower leaders from the first meeting to leverage practices that raise the bar of what is possible for your organization.


When People Grow, Organizations Thrive

Support Your People In:

  • building a motivational framework to maximize performance and growth within the organization.
  • conduct meetings to enable everyone to be reflective of their actions to foster development.
  • building the developmental leadership skills to start a movement in your organization.
  • building a culture of autonomy, enabling higher levels of innovation and the potential for creating new opportunities.

Our Services


Have a guide and partner to help you deliberately establish a culture of development in the context of your organization.


Begin the transformation with our workshops to establish developmental practices and culture within the organization.


Develop yourself and your key leaders in their ability to move other to action and foster development by focusing on your personal growth.

Developmental Leader Assessment

Assess your leaders current capacity to promote developmental change in your people. Receive detailed reports and supports to aid in your leaders growth. Check the pulse of your people to develop your understanding of their needs to help them grow at work.

Educational Consulting

Students are craving education that transforms their ability to lead through uncertain and ambiguous situations. We are your partners in engineering curriculum to transform your students.

We Have Supported People At

Our Participants Reflections

Published in March 2016, two books featured several of our participant’s reflections from their participation in our workshops in July and August 2015.

“It still amazes me that a simple exercise could have led to such a huge discovery. It started me on a journey to find my true self.” ~ Josephine Lim, Redefining Success

“Mr. Malaty-Uhr’s exercise showed that everyone is capable of becoming a [transformational] leader, by empowering themselves and those around them.” ~ Priyad Ahrumugam, Redefining Success

“When he said this, it hit me that I was actually limiting myself by my assumption that because I am not a person of authirity, I … cannot pursue my aspirations” ~ Jonathan Ding, Redefining Success